Zelda 1 Randomizer Wiki

Advanced Z1R players will master the strategies described below to boost their gameplay. In competitive Z1R matches, it is common to see many of these strategies being used.


Discovered by khananaphone, this trick exploits a glitch that occurs each time a door opens in a dungeon.

There is a brief window when the game behaves as if all the doors in the room are opened, allowing Link to pass through a locked door with zero keys if he's pushing against the door at the right moment.

Most often, this is done in rooms with a shutter door and a key door. If you can get next to the key door and push against it as soon as you kill the last enemy to trigger the shutter door opening, Link will magically pass through the key door. (Note: if you do this with 1 or more keys, you'll still lose a key even though Link will appear to pass through the door without opening it; this trick is only useful when your key count is 0.) If you wish to save the open state of the door, return through the door immediately before you continue forward; otherwise, the next time you return to the room, the key door will be locked again.

The khananakey can also be done with a bombhole instead of a shutter, in the relatively rare circumstance where you know or guess that there is a bombable wall in the same room with a key door you wish to glitch through (and since bombholes stay open forever, you only get one chance). It's even occasionally possible to khananakey using a shutter door triggered by a pushblock, if you can make it from the block to the key door fast enough; this can be done in certain room configurations with a very well-timed damage boost from a candle flame.

Push Block Khananakey[]

Similar to the Khananakey, the Push Block Khananakey allows Link to enter a door with 0 keys when he would otherwise be too slow to make it in time. This is useful in situations where you have 0 keys and you are in a room with a locked key door next to a push block. To accomplish a Push Block Khananakey on default speed, follow these steps:

  1. Line up with your back to the desired Khananakey door
  2. Light a candle fire on the block
  3. Push into the block and fire, then immediately reverse direction on the D-pad to candle boost backwards into the door

This trick is rarely used, and it is difficult to pull off without practice.

  • Note: It is possible to make it through the door without using this trick if the Advanced > Rupees Affect Speed flag is on.


The Pirouette is a maneuver that opens a key door across from a dungeon's entrance without having to use a key. The execution of a Pirouette is simple — upon entering a dungeon with a key door across from its entrance, leave the dungeon and re-enter. You'll return to find the key door unlocked.

The Pirouette also works for a dungeon with a bombhole across from its entrance. Execution is the same as for a key door — leave the dungeon and re-enter. If the wall across from the dungeon's entrance was bombable, the bombhole will be exposed and you'll have saved yourself a bomb.


Side Pirouette[]

The Side Pirouette is a maneuver that opens a key door (or exposes a bombhole) to the left or right of the dungeon's entrance. The Side Pirouette can only be executed if you can enter the screen on which the dungeon exists from the same side that the key door or bombhole you're attempting to open is on.

To execute, leave the dungeon, exit the overworld screen towards the direction the key door or bombhole is on, re-enter the overworld screen the dungeon is on, and re-enter the dungeon. Similar to the traditional Pirouette, you'll return to find the key door or bombhole now open.

Continue Key[]

If you're unable to Pirouette or Side Pirouette a door or bombhole in a dungeon's entrance, there is one other way to open it without directly using any of your resources: the Continue Key.

To execute, you must enter another room in the dungeon with a key or bomb from the same side as the key door or bombhole in the dungeon's entrance. After using your key/bomb and entering the room, press Start on controller 1, and press Up+A on controller 2 to get the Continue/Save/Retry screen. Choose Continue to return to the dungeon's entrance, and you'll find the key door or bombhole in the dungeon's entrance now open.

Screen Scroll[]

Ladder Clip[]

The Ladder Clip uses the same principles as the Block Clip:

Vertical Ladder Clip[]
  1. Line up the top of Link's head with the highest pixel of the top rung of the ladder.
  2. Tap left or right for one frame.
  3. Press up to walk over the ladder and cross the water.
Horizontal Ladder Clip[]
  1. Line up Link's body with a specific point on the ladder.
  2. Tap up or down for one frame.
  3. Press left or right (whichever way you want to go) to walk over the ladder and cross the water.

World Clip[]

The World Clip uses the same principles as the Block Clip and Screen Scroll:

  1. From specific screens on the Overworld, perform a RTL screen scroll.
  2. Press left or right to wrap to the next screen.
  3. Perform a Ladder Clip to cross the water and exit onto the coast spot.

Example World Clip by DiabeetusThe2nd

HUD Clip[]

The HUD Clip uses the same principles as the Block Clip:

  1. Line up the top of Link's head with a specific point at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap left or right for one frame.
  3. Press up to walk into the HUD (the black space above the navigable game area that contains the minimap, items, and hearts).

This is an effective method of avoiding Overworld enemies to more easily navigate between top exits (e.g., the screen south of NE secret).

Note: You must walk back onto the navigable game area in order to use an exit.


A detailed explanation of the technical execution of Roocorder can be found here: http://redcandle.us/The_Legend_of_Zelda

Turnstile Clip[]

OHKO Strategies[]

Enabling OHKO (one-hit knockout) means that taking any damage will kill Link immediately. Therefore, because any amount of health is equally useful, it's in your best interests to forego collecting additional Heart Containers to give Link permanent sword beams. However, if the White Sword item is required, you will need to collect additional Heart Containers to meet the minimum requirement to pick up that item. Once you have collected the White Sword item, you may get lucky and find one or more Mugger rooms that will allow you to give up these additional hearts.